October 10th, 2003


Center Ice!!!

I have Center Ice now!!! *spazzes* JR appeared on my screen when they turned it on and I shrieked. Apparently the person who had placed the initial order had done it wrong. I guess, just call tech support repeatedly until you get someone who isn't an idiot is the best solution?

But yes! I have hockey tonight! I get to watch Seriya!love. But that will be just like, the lone glimmer of goodness in the seething mass of vile darkness and corruption that is the Avalanche. Or something like that. And before that, Bruins/Lightning. It should be a fairly entertaining game. Like, the more inept the teams, the more entertaining it can be (re: Sharks/Oilers last night)

Yeah, hmm. Sharks. ALYN! SHG! LESBIAN! Umm. That was the end of my excitement. :( McLaren took Marco out of the game with a puck that went onto the bench. Go, Kyle. Okay, it was unintentional and Marco should have been looking blah blah blah but it's not improving my dislike of that guy! Michalek seems kind of smarmy to me.

It upsets me that I don't particularly like my team right now. Not that I dislike them, but I don't like them. And not because they sucked. They sucked all last season basically and I still loved them. I'm just not keen on the new team, uhh, personality? And really, this is something that comes from the coach, I think. I don't know, it's just one game, I suppose, but we'll see. *frets*

I was really happy to see Marleau step it up last night, though. I want that boy to become captain one day.

Oh yeah, I also watched Wings/Kings. I feel the need to traumatize, so I'll repeat announcer's comment on Lids/Hatcher. Apparently, Lids says he has never had a partner like Hatcher before, never someone so big. And with knowing how good Derian is behind him, he should loosen things up a bit.
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