August 18th, 2003


Elias the stud

I was trying to find some sort of explanation for this picture of Elias for spoothbrush and read the whole interview. It made me all squeeful!

[Edit: Apparently that link to the picture is blank? Here's a link to the picture and interview.

Elias says:
The first thing that affected me was the departure of Petr Sykora for Anaheim. I didn’t realize that it would affect my game so much. At first I always wanted to play the same hockey that Petr and I had produced. But we just didn’t have another Sykora on the team.

I follow trends, buy fashion magazines. Perhaps even women’s (magazines). I think the clothes I end up buying are elegant. My girlfriend appreciates them, for the most part.
As that picture so clearly illustrates! Bwahahaha!

(Finally, the explanation for the porn pictures!)
I did that at the time out of curiosity. And some of those pictures came out yeah, fairly drastic. (blushes) Maybe they were even very bold. I did it only as a gag, and by the end it was a grind. We photographed the whole day and staying in the same pose for half an hour is difficult.
The man blushed when they asked him the question! *squee* Umm, at the end it was a grind? *coughs* Yes, and I'm sure lasting for half an hour is difficult. That's what fluffers are for.
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