July 27th, 2003


*wears team slut T-shirt*

I am sluttier now than I was two days ago! I've added the New York Rangers to the team slut list as of Pleasure Fiends.

Teams left to be written (not in any order): Islanders, Penguins, Bruins, Hurricanes, Panthers, Capitals, Predators, Flames, Oilers, Kings. I can't see a reason why I would write any of these teams, except maybe the Oilers, but you never know what will happen once the season starts. I never imagined writing the Senators and the Wild - in the same fic, no less! :P

Chip came up with image after traumatic image (including the Sedin twins as a two-man masturbation team) last night all through dinner and the walk home. It hurts him so much more than it does me, though. Thankfully, I had happy hockey player dreams! Sunny was in it, and he was smiling and laughing, and for whatever reason I needed to get Peter Forsberg's number from him and it took him ages to give me the number, which was just fine with me. *sighs happily*
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