July 18th, 2003


Murder Mysteries

I read Neil Gaiman's Murder Mysteries last night (comic book version) and I was completely blown away. I didn't have enough sleep and that always makes me more susceptible to mood changes, but so many of the images were just so beautiful or painful, but always powerful, and I was on the verge of tears a lot. I think I was in awe the whole way through.

It's about a murder, but not just any murder, the first murder. An angel is murdered and the story is about the murder investigation, kind of structured in the traditional manner of a mystery story. The angel of vengeance plays the role of the detective, interviewing suspects and witnesses, and you get clues throughout. But there's just so much more going under the surface, so many philosophical questions raised. The angels were beautiful and powerful and terrible. They very much reminded me of the ones from The Prophecy movie. I guess that's more true to the original Biblical angels?

I would say that it was slashy but angels are sexless. :D

Reading that reminded me again just how much I love comics. I have a short attention span so I really appreciate how they use very few words and don't waste them. Each sentence has such an impact. And the art. Damn. In this one, it really conveyed the glory of the angels and the city in which they live, and some of the facial expressions were so perfect they hurt. I can still see the panel with Lucifer crying in my mind. *chills down spine*

I really need to get into them again. :)
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