June 15th, 2003


Mae in the great outdoors!

Went hiking yesterday at Mount Tamalpais. Hiked all the way down to the beach and back up again. Didn't see any people having sex on the trail, which is what Chip saw the last time he went hiking. Sad thing is that he had to overtake them at some point. They looked very embarrassed. He said, "Well, you want to make sure you check for ticks." They were amused.

Haven't gone in months and am horribly out of shape, but it was actually pretty okay. 7 miles round-trip and 1500 foot elevation change, but not much up and down stuff. It was pretty gradual all the way. I felt great while hiking. Why is exercise one of those things that makes me dread it, yet is really enjoyable while I'm doing it?

More food gushing! I love Terra potato chips, especially the Yukon gold ones. Yummy! And Mighty Leaf tea! The african nectar flavour is awesome.
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