June 11th, 2003


Jiggy's packin'!

Good luck on your final, Tammy. :)

I just got to work and I can't wait to get home, lol. I have a couple of things to watch on the TiVo: Petr on Cool Shots and JS on The Tonight Show. I'm more excited to see Jigga, though, because, as fetisha says, Jiggy's packin'! This has since been confirmed by everyone who's seen it. Apparently he was blushy and nervous and confused too. Damn him for being so perfect! Damn him, I say! And then I will watch smiley, dorky Petr and explode into a million pieces.

How am I going to deal with hockey withdrawal? Maybe if I get really low, I'll put NHL2K3 in computer vs computer mode and pretend it's a real game. *snickers* Lots of ficcage on HD, so that will help.

Jiggy's packin'! Ha! I love saying that! Thanks so much, Dev! *hugs* I'm going to be shrieking that at Chip randomly tonight all night I'm sure.

I am wearing a skirt today in case I head over to the Java One convention where we have a booth. This is as opposed to my T-shirt and jeans no make-up or earrings or brushed hair daily look. If I'm confident that I can walk out of the house and not have rocks thrown at because of my appearance, I'm pretty satisfied. I'm usually the one tapping my feet as I wait for Chip to pick out his clothes and primp and preen. (LOL, I typed pimp instead of primp at first.)

Earl Grey tea is wonderful. Back to work.
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GIP, and then some

So this is mostly a GIP. But I thought I'd share my wonderful experience of enjoying packin'!Jigga, including Chip's reaction. :)

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[Edit: Oh Lari? Can I have your address so I can mail the tape to you? Send it to the email on my LJ user info page. :)]
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