June 9th, 2003


This is it!

I've been nervous for like two days straight. I'm going to be nervous until the game is over tonight. I can't even think right now about the game. Think about Ducklings? Blank. Think about Devils? Blank. Think about what the game is going to be like? Blank. Which is, I think, just about the best state of mind to have to watch the game. :D

Either way, it's going to be a long four months until the next season starts. At least this time I know there's reading and writing fic to ease the withdrawal. I know I'm going to be weepy as hell tonight no matter who wins. If the Ducklings win, there will be like, tears for a week, lol. If the Devils win, I'll still be happy for them because I like them. Me, and three other people. ;) But I'd still cry because this is like the first full season of hockey I've followed and I'm dorky and overly sentimental like that.

From last night:
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I have a Worst Case Scenario desktop calendar. Today's entry is:
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All that really did is convince me that I would never survive going over a waterfall. :)

Gah, there's no way I can go to the gym today. I'm leaving at 5 to go home and watch the game.
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I love hockey

Congrats to the Devils on winning the Cup, and especially to Friesen, who was "before my time", but who I still like on virtue of being an ex-Shark. :P They were the better team tonight, and they deserved the win.

Haven't read any LJ entries yet. I hope everyone behaved. ;)

I'm not sad and I'm not disappointed. I cried during the handshakes, but that was kind of a emotion of the moment thing. I felt so bad for Jiggy, though. And I respect him for just crying quietly like that. Yeah, I'm weird that way. *sniffles for him winning the Conn Smythe*

And because this is the last time I get to make a slashy observation this season, did anyone notice the announcer talking about wanting to jump into Jiggy's body? :)

So proud of the Ducklings for making it as far as they did. They definitely exceeded my expectations (after the first round :P).

*hugs for Ducklings and Devils fans* Hockey is the best sport in existence. :)
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