June 7th, 2003


Might makes right!

Just had some ice cream for breakfast. *dead* That was the best ice cream I've ever had! Stonyfield Farm vanilla ice cream. Must not tell Alex about it or it will be all gone. I will brave the store run by the lecherous guy to get more.

Freedom Force is an awesome game! You can level entire city blocks and the building falls apart bit by bit, and then you can pick up the rubble and throw it at people! Wanton destruction! Muahahaha! Oh wait, I'm supposed to be the good guy. *reloads from save game*

Today could be the last game of the hockey season. How did it all go by so fast? *weeps* Hopefully, it isn't. I posted smut today and everything. ;)
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Stopped crying now

Hmm, if this season is any indication, I will be in tears from April to June every year.

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The announcers are going a bit too far (paraphrased): There is no greater honor an athlete can get from his coach, than to have him put his arm around him, and put his cheek against his cheek ...

I think it's time for more ice cream!
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