June 2nd, 2003


Die, damn it, die!

At work early, feebly trying to slay the project that will not die. It seems like every step I take forward I'm confronted by a new bug, whether in existing code or newly introduced by me. *weeps*

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And why is it perfectly acceptable in Chinese textbooks to make 7-year-olds read stories about people dying alone, penniless and utterly miserable? And 13-year-olds read about servants in rich households following in love with the master's son, and then drowning themselves in a well because they realize they can never be together?

QUACK! Hopefully, I can leave earlyish today and watch the game liveish. So nervous. *weeps* I will be much with the shrieking and screaming and possibly crying.
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Project so close to dead ... still twitching ... *stabs*

*ahem* In other news *tackles Ducklings* Cried again. I'm getting predictable.

petrjunior updated tonight. The insanity continues ... *giggles at spoothbrush* Sheer brilliance!

Petr's jersey was untucked most of the game. That bothered me. Such awesome saves from both Jigga and Brodeur! Eep, I need sleep.

[Edit: Hey, sodapop_300, go to nhl.com and watch the press conference from tonight's game. At the very end, JS answers a question in French. :) ]
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