May 17th, 2003



Ahh I'm bursting with joy (and weeping) right now. I don't really have anything else to say about that. *tears roll down*

Oh, and SDQ? Chip maintains that Chara is a "big, ugly fuck". Furthermore, he says that Chara is also a "hideous troll". He also corrected the statement that Chara should be deported. Actually, what he said was, "I can't believe this guy got let into the country! There are border patrols for this kind of thing!"

*still crying*

Okay, settle down, self. *busts out fic* Time to start writing. Don't want to go back on my promises. :D

*cries some more*
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Lilas! So much prettier than Henry!

Okay, I stayed up writing Jigga!fic. I am now absolved of any jinxing that might have occurred if I'd gone back on my word. *breathes sigh of relief*

Hmm, he's not playing today, but I like the JS spam. :)
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Bah, why is his dog called Henry? Allie's name was so much better. Lilas. *grumble* And why are they talking about his dog when I just wrote about it? This is getting kind of creepy, but in a good way.

Sens/Devils in an hour! *hops excitedly* I'm really relieved that Brodeur fucked his wife's brother's wife, rather than his wife's sister. That disturbed me a bit.
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Yay Devils!

Woo! Coming from behind twice and Elias scored! *cheers wildly* And Friesen, who was before my time, but I still have warm and fuzzy feelings towards because he was a Shark. Brodeur was awesome as usual. :)

Hope they can wrap it up in Game 5. Sad thing is that when they play the Ducklings, I'll have to root against them. *sniffle* It won't be as bad as Ducklings/Stars though.
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