May 16th, 2003


Hockey is lovely

Happy birthday, SDQ!!!

You can come live with me anytime you want. I have a big bed. (I'm going to get arrested any moment now, I can just feel it).

[Edit: Happy birthday to JS as well! Will write more JS fic in his honor, even if I have to stay up to do it. :D]

Mmm, hockey. I am so getting Center Ice next season. :)

I'm so glad the Devils won and the missing goal debacle didn't have an impact. Well except that the players' playoff statistics aren't right, but I don't think they care about that. Brodeur was awesome. :)

Chip is just as disturbed by announcers' comments as I am. He made the best face when they talked about Stevens standing Hossa up and applying backside pressure to him. He's also declared that Chara is a "big, ugly fuck" who should be deported, and gives me funny looks when I complain about Devils not being able to "enter the zone properly".

Ducklings playing today. That means more Petr!fic and also more Jigga spam. :)
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One thing that I've really respected about the Ducklings is how steady they are, no matter the circumstances. Watching them play, you can't tell if they're ahead or behind, or what point in the series. The only game in which I've seen them falter a bit is Game 5 vs Dallas. I hope that, win or lose, they keep their composure tonight.

A Ducks/Devils SCF would be really cool. Best friends Petr and Patrik, brothers Rob and Scott Niedermayer, awesome French-Canadian goalies Giguere and Brodeur, crappy power play, awesome penalty kill - I dunno, it's still a little too early to tell, but I'd really like that to be the match-up for the Final.

Joined the hockey slash fan fic webring! Whee! Thanks for setting it up, stormshaman.
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My jersey!

*shrieks* I got our jerseys from UPS today! I got my home Thornton jersey, so tersa and I can activate our Thorty twin powers, and Flannery got her puckbunny Gagne jersey. (j/k) I'll be sending that out to you today, sweetie. :)

Upon hearing that it's JS' birthday, Chip decided that I should send him a dozen red roses with a card signed by either Petr or Sauer, and a poem written on it.

Poetry courtesy of Flannery:
JS had a scruffy beard
It was the color of sand
Whenever Petr or Kurt weren't around
JS used his right hand

Isn't that beautiful?
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