May 14th, 2003


Fuck insomnia!

First of all,


Have a wonderful day. *hugs* :)

*hugs Tammy tightly*

Jigga spam, thanks to OC Register.
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Gah, so much great info about Little Bottom, and just really eerie how so much of it fits in with what I was writing. Except that it looks like Chouinard wiggles his way in. Oh dude! I just realized that I randomly picked Chouinard to be the one to ... *shrieks* Ahh! Damn it, I'm talking to myself. Grr. Back to sleep.
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Fuck insomnia right up the ear

Yeah, so sleep didn't work out. I'm going to head into work and be stupid and useless instead.

I finally got Frala's tape yesterday! *squeals happily* *tackles Frala* You are beyond awesome. :) Chip and I are very happy. Ha, it sounds like it was a tape of something else now, eh? ;)

Angel is so awesome. There was a period of time when the show was kind of wishy-washy, which I associate with Kate the cop, who they never did anything with and is now being blank on one of the 5327870705 L&O shows I think, but it really has a sense of purpose now. I've never been much of a fan of Connor, but the actor they cast is perfect for the part. They have really great casting on both Buffy and Angel, with the exception of Kennedy, whose role seems to be the hot lesbian chick who helps Willow get over Tara and nothing much else, the way she portrays it.
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