April 28th, 2003


I'm going to the playoffs!

Got some spam titled extreme preLolitas and little boys. IHCers will understand how well-targeted that is. :D

I don't have to wake up until about 9.30, which explains why I'm up before 8. At least I didn't sit upright suddenly and scream, "I'm going to the playoffs!" a la Stanislav Chistov. Uhh ... note to self: Fact. Fiction. Separate.

Sorry, Tammy, you get sleep-deprived!Mae again today.

Hmm, hockey last night. Seems that in both games the team that played better lost. Not complaining for the Flyers/Sens game, and even for the Wild/Canucks game, I kind of like how close it was at the end. They almost pulled it off again. Now if they could just play like that all game.

*loves Ducklings*

Bye everyone, see you on Tuesday. :)
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