April 10th, 2003


Hello World

First of all, happy birthday Cassidy!

You need to win two games, Ducklings! How about you start tonight? *nervous giggle* Hmm, I need a better Petr icon. Flan, any luck shrinking him and his chinchilla? :) (And that wasn't a euphemism)

Frozen Four today. I don't know anything about any of the teams, really, so I guess I'm rooting for Cornell, cos' their captain is a Sharks prospect. I think. I could be on crack. Their game is probably over by now but I don't know the outcome (Note to self: stop checking LJ) so I can still pretend they haven't played yet.

Canucks! *swells with Natuzzison love* I so wish I got that game. I haven't seen them play since the Sharks played them in Vancouver and it just wasn't the same because Bert had to leave the game after getting high-sticked by Nabby. :( I guess I get to enjoy highlights. *cheers Bolts too*

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Chip, Alex, Paul (Alex's ex-step-brother) and I will be heading to LA in May for E3 again this year. And yet again, we don't have a place to stay yet. :P I hope we don't end up 20 miles from downtown again. *groan* 10 is fucking evil. Seriously, it takes like, intense powers of concentration to not get shunted off to some godforsaken highway, and then you have to be super aggressive (i.e. dangerous) when you are trying to get over to the exit that you want. Or at least, Chip does. I just sit there and start making noise when it looks like we are about to get assimilated into the wrong lane.
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I love Paul Kariya

Well, I certainly didn't expect triple OT. Unfortunately, I only taped 3 hours so my tape cut out in the middle of the first OT. :( Taping the repeat. I wanna see Paulie's goal! :D

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