March 17th, 2003


Still pumped from using the mouse!

I can't remember the last time I was this inspired to write fic. It's been a great weekend, fic-wise. Maybe that's just the alcohol talking. Had a cocktail tonight after not having eaten all day. Took about two sips to turn bright red I think. Mmm, but yummy.

Lira gets two birthday fics because she's twice as cool! Well, actually, it's because I kind of wrote the wrong fic at first. Oops.

Watched Avs/Caps today, good game! There must be something wrong with me for admiring Sergei Berezin's hair. *shamefaced* The Avs just don't seem the same without Foppa and Roy. But they'll be back on Wednesday. In time to play us. *bursts into laughter* Like they really need Foppa and Roy to play us. *weeps then laughs hysterically*
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