March 7th, 2003


Sharks when Lira & Mae are at the game (4-0)

I thought I'd be weeping my eyes out at this game, but my only sniffles came when I saw all the people wearing their Nolan jerseys. Lots of people were wearing their Sunny jerseys too and we even saw an Alyn jersey!!!

Sunny has Cloud Strife hair again. It's got cute little spikes and clumps and stuff. He touched Scruffy's (Zednik's) ass during the pre-game warmup. Dan checked him during the game and kind of hung onto him for a while.

We have killed 42 penalties in a row. *boggle*

Jose was very adorable when he got trapped in his net. He just kind of cowered in there.

We had so many rookies playing. I didn't even know one of their names! (Jesse Fibiger) He's not a hottie. :P But dude, Wiseman, Kraft, Cheech (of course) so hot! And Niko is cute too. :) I was pretty happy with the way they played tonight, really hardworking, did smart things.

I was fairly sure we were doomed going into the 3rd down 2-1 considering we just don't come back, and we've one like ... once in OT? So I was pretty damn shocked that we won, and very happy. And the fact that the Habs got a point makes me happy too.

And I'm like extra-special glad we won cos' Miikka gave up kind of a weak goal and it would have sucked for ihm if that was the reason we lost.

Thorty seems to be the poster boy for some kind of campaign to not be an ass while driving. Something along the lines of "Keep the attitude on the ice, not on the road". It made me explode into laughter.

I saw a guy in a Flyers jersey at the train station in SF. He was wearing #9 and I was trying to look at the name on the back but the guy saw me and blurted "Beautiful girl" or something like that so I ran away. Flan, who was #9 on the Flyers? There doesn't seem to be one on the current roster.

I'm zipping through the television broadcast for interviews and slashiness and other nice things like that, and our announcers are just going out of hand. Drew called Randy "drop dead gorgeous". *weeps* Ouch they just played Kyle smacking Scruffy in the face with his arm. Looked horrible. Grr, Kyle.

*shrieks* In the big pileup of Sharks hugging and touching each other after Marco scored the OT goal, Marco let everyone maul him, then he went over to Patty, and Patty grabbed his head and pulled it to him really close to his face like he was gonna kiss him and Marco was smiling all bashful-like. Ahh, Marco Sturm and friends indeed. :)

*dies* Drew: "Marco Sturm sticks it in!"
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Oh, Owen!

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Chip came home completely smashed last night. It was amusing. I told him about Drew calling Randy "drop dead gorgeous", and he declared that the two of them must be getting it on in the booth every broadcast. :D
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Boy am I spammy today

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Marco: But Patrick was always there. He's one of the greatest guys I've met here.
Soinlove! *swoon*

Teemu (on Patty): I was yelling, 'Give it to him, give it to him,'
Why are you watching them? Why are you cheering them on? So fucking wrong! *weeps*

It should be no surprise that Selanne cites his synergy with Marleau as a foremost reason for returning to the Sharks this season despite a more lucrative offer elsewhere.
Dude, he loves Marco. Get over it.

Ahh, and since I'm talking about the lesbian, I should insert some forgotten Sunny-ness in here. When Sunny turned over the puck in our zone and Patty picked it up, he slashed Patty in the legs and took him down right after Patty passed. So sweetly vicious. *giggle*
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