February 20th, 2003


Daredevil sucks

Went to watch Daredevil last night and it was pretty bad. Alex left in the middle of the love scene to take a dump. Well, it wasn't completely awful, I liked Alias girl and Bullseye in it. :) But yeah, definitely get drunk before you watch that one.

Wow, that was a depressing game last night. But ... energy line fight! Woo! They're all about defending each other's honor. *sighs happily*

Did Paul Kariya research last night. *coughs* Damn it, the guy is just too ... awesome *grumble* in all ways. Isn't there any dirt on him? Any at all? *sigh* Okay this is a guy who tried to blow-dry his mullet to get a wave in it. I have to like him.
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