February 10th, 2003


Another day, another loss

I heard we played well. That's good. At least we didn't embarrass ourselves on national television. :)

Watched Shark Byte over the weekend and was greatly disturbed at Drew's comment as he was petting a baby shark at the aquarium. "I don't think the guys on the team would let me pet them like this." Because he wants (understandably) to pet them? *weeps piteously*

Why am I doing research for Robyn's birthday fic? It just makes me feel more like the scum of the earth. *cries*
Kariya brothers face each other for first time.
Why do they have to be so adorable? Oh, and while I was there, I found something for you Burecest fans.

Hmm, should finish "Best of Seven" before Patty, as stormshaman says, can't walk anymore. *coughs* At least I know how to end it now. :)
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