February 9th, 2003


Bitch bitch bitch

*giggle* The Aebischer fan club is so adorable. I'm hoping he can get a shutout for them. Yay, Foppa hat trick! Did I just say that? *shamefaced*

I haven't had enough sleep for the past ... week. I am so bitchy today! *cackles wildly*

*must steel self for Sharks/Wings tomorrow* *weeps in advance*

*squeal* The Season! Good gosh almighty, thank God for Brett! Everyone treats Aves like their pet dog or something. *giggle* Maybe that's where A-Pup came from. :P

Read good ficcage today. *sighs happily* Still catching up. *weeps*

Aww, no shutout for Aebischer.

Okay, game plan for watching Sharks/Wings. Watch for slashy moments and such. Try to ignore actual game. *weeps* Can I do it?
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