January 9th, 2003


*explodes with Natuzzi love*

*frown* LJ wouldn't let me reply to your comment, Frala. Anyway, thanks for Natuzzi proposal picture. Bert is so goofy there. So damn adorable.

*shrieks* I'm seeing Natuzzi(-son?) from the 4th row on Saturday!

*ahem* *points at icon* Chip saw that picture and promptly declared that "they're in love". Oh yeah, and he insists on calling them Nasbert. :)

*sigh* It seems like almost every game this season could have been the turning point for the Sharks, but tonight I think it is, more so than other times. I can't quite explain it. Maybe it's cos' it's the half-way mark of the season, maybe cos' we're playing the Canucks on Saturday *cringe*, maybe cos' we ended so well against the Oilers on Monday.

What the hell is the song Walking in Memphis about, besides walking in Memphis?
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We're doomed

Oh well. Sexy bitch and Thorty looked cute sitting in the box together. Very kindergarten.

At least the Flyers, Leafs, Ducks and Stars won tonight.

Chip gave some suggestions on hockey slash pairings:

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I also told him about what Flan read in a book about homoeroticism being a part of hockey and how I feel hockey just wouldn't be as cool without it, and he agreed heartily. I so love him! :)
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