January 8th, 2003


Assorted hockey ramblings

Played a little bit of NHL2K3 last night. Couldn't fucking score to save my life. Damn it, that's not videogame hockey! Nobody should be able to strip me of the puck unless they check me 10 feet through the air! *grin* How do I do a damn one-timer? *bitch bitch*

Actually, it looks pretty cool, I just have to figure out how to play it and fiddle around with settings and such. I'll put it on the retard setting until I learn how everything works.

*cheers for Jason fucking Arnott and Lehts* I like too many teams. I at least kinda' like every team in the West except for two. I blame HD.

I wonder if the Blues/Sharks game tomorrow will be even half as entertaining as Oilers/Sharks. Much shriekage will ensue if it is. IloveplayingtheOilers.

I need to write! But I'm being pulled in too many directions at once. I want to write Best of Seven, and I want to write Cerulean Sky, especially after seeing CS talking about his hand and how they were thinking of amputating it *weeps* and I also want to write Arkora smut, err, well, just because. *head explodes*

Okay! *calms down* The plan: go to gym, run, get fic ideas, go home, watch Yotes/Hawks, write while watching.

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Great goalie action

Watched Yotes/Hawks tonight, and damn, those goalies were on. *giggle* Zac Bierk (Yotes) is brother of Sebastian Bach, who was lead singer of Skid Row, and he looks like him, too! I.e. cute! *giggles insanely* What can I say, I like hair bands. :P

Tammy just told me Thorty made the all-hottie team. *cheer* My Thorty love is so through the roof after Oilers/Sharks.

Ended up not working out today. Felt like I had a sore throat and a cold coming on, so I decided not to push it. *looks at self* I want to be skinny again! *pokes tummy*

Chip's noticed my strange, uhh, obsession with Thorty's fights. He's offered to go barfighting so I can watch him fight. Last I heard, he was trying to figure out what the best way to pick a fight is. He's so sweet. :)
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