December 31st, 2002


Fighting off a bunny

No! Bad Comriechuk! Go home! Stay away! *ahem*

Umm, vivelegardien and flanneryflyer, close your eyes. Well, actually it's just swoony comments and no gloating so you might want to take a peek. :)

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I'm at work and nobody else is. I'm such a sucker. Oh I finally encountered my nemesis and the world is still spinning. I thought we'd eliminate each other in a flash of blinding light.

I wrote smut shamelessly on the train on the way to the game until a family with three young children walked by. Then I felt a tiny twinge of shame but kept writing. I think "hurry up and fuck me" or something like that was clearly visible at the time.

*sigh* I think I have to write an orgy for Thursday. IloveplayingtheStars indeed.
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