December 29th, 2002


Holy fucking shit ... Sunny scored!

Wow! Sunny scored a goal. Chip and I exploded into hysterical laughter when we saw the goal. I mean, I really love the guy, but ... shit ... I guess he could score with Jason Arnott if they were both stupid drunk. :)

Speaking of the whore, I sadly made the observation that is default expression when he's sitting on the bench is ... a vacant open-mouthed stare. *sigh*

Chip caught a slashy moment that I didn't! Stuart and Cheech look like they share a little smooch after Cheech's goal!

Theoness!!! He and Teemu grinned at each other in close proximity. Okay not in a friendly manner. Then Theo had a long talk with Mush. Teehee! He's such a conversationalist. :)

Umm, so overall, I was pretty happy with the way the game went. Heh, lowered expectations I guess. I kind of expect Teemu to be clubbed over the head without any calls ever. But Sunny's goal made me ridiculously happy, and I'm glad we at least got a point out of it.

Ouch, poor little Ducklings! *retrieves them and puts them in my pocket*
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Chip and I were watching Rangers/Lightning and they showed Khabibulin for a long time and he was talking and twitching and Chip explodes:

"This guy is fucking nuts!"
"He's twitching so madly!"

Then they show him again and he continues:

"He's a complete freak!"
"If I were on the other team I would beat the shit out of him!"
"I'd be like ... stop!!!"

And then he goes on being very upset about the twitching. He made me laugh so much!

[Edit] He had more to say.

"Has anybody tried to commit him? I mean your head just shouldn't bob around like that. It's a clear sign of mental illness. Even a layman could diagnose it. Maybe it's a form of schizophrenia."

Etc, etc.
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