December 13th, 2002


Sharks ween!

*weeps with joy* Oh god, that was an awesome game to watch! My throat is sore from shrieking. Met tersa and co. during the second intermission - it was great talking to you! :)

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Eep, there is ficcage to read but I think it's time for sleep. CS writing will have to wait for this weekend.
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Sharks spam

Frala!!! I thought of you ... :)

Bryan Marchment uncorked the shot from the top of the right circle. So did Mushie bury his head and let it rip, or did he spot something to his liking in the slot?

"I saw my long-haired freak Reech there," Marchment said.

So he launched.

"I just looked down and it hit me," Ricci said. "It was one of those where it was all him. He says he looks for my hair. Which is all right. I won't cut it then."

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