December 4th, 2002


Hiking and kayaking (ctd')

So yeah, was too tired last night to fill in the details of our hiking and kayaking trips. I'm highly suspicious of that Dramamine-like thing we took to curb motion sickness yesterday (cos' we were on the ocean). All it seems to do is put you into a state of low-grade nausea, then knock you out when the "non-drowsy" aspect (i.e. caffeine, I'm guessing) wears off. We slept for 5 hours yesterday after coming back from kayaking, woke up, got food, came back and went to sleep again. Very primitive.

So ... hiking! We went hiking along those stunning Na Pali cliffs that we saw from above by helicopter! I didn't really go that far, but it was really fun, the part I did hike. It was kind of tricky cos' it involved going up some slippery rocks with a fairly sheer drop to one side. Definitely not a candidate for rolling down.

Saw some native wildlife. There were two cute red birds that chirped at each other at the river crossing, and also a little black kitten (okay maybe that isn't native) and some really adorable mice.

We saw the kitten again, lying on a rock next to the trail, on the way back and it let Chip play with it. Chip thought sunset was an hour later than it actually was, so we ended up hiking the last part back to the parking lot in near darkness over aforementioned slippery steep rocks. Exciting!

Kayaking was really fun. I don't know what it is, there's just something I really like about it. Umm, but only in warm tropical oceans. :) Maybe we'll come back to Kauai in the summer some time - then we could do the Na Pali coast kayak trip. It's only 17 miles. ;) Actually we did 8 yesterday and it wasn't tiring.

I'm kind of surprised to see a lot of plants that I recognize from Singapore. The grass is the same, there are lots of frangipani trees, bougainvillea bushes and there are even touch-me-nots! Oh those are so fun - you poke them a little bit and they curl up. So adorable! I showed one to Chip on the Sleeping Giant hike and ever since then he's been fondling all the leaves of plants that look like the touch-me-nots. He claims to be a herbophile.

I'm not allergic to Hawaiian mosquitoes! They look the same as the Singapore ones but I don't get those itchy red bumps when they bite me. That makes them pretty much zero annoyance as far as I'm concerned.

Our last full day here today. *weeps*
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