November 26th, 2002


Thanksgiving in Hawaii

Oddly enough, it's going to be my second Thanksgiving in Hawaii. My first one was when I was 11, and I came to the US on vacation with my Mom. We went to Honolulu, San Francisco, LA, Las Vegas, Seattle and Vancouver, but to tell the truth, it's all a haze except for Disneyland and Circus Circus in Vegas.

And Thanksgiving in Hawaii. I remember this because of the food. When I was a little kid, I hated Chinese food, on account of the fact that it made me throw up. This was a problem because, well, I'm Chinese. (This is why I was a skinny kid) And this was a problem in the US because those godawful tour groups from Singapore only ever bring you to Chinese restaurants.

So I was starving when I went on the Thanksgiving cruise in Hawaii and I just about cried when I got to, umm, eat. *giggle* I thought that stuffing (which I'd never had before) was literally heavenly. I still do, kind of.

And that's why I'm living in this country now. Because I love stuffing and I no longer have to eat anything that makes me throw up. *grin*
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