November 22nd, 2002



Hey, big surprise, I don't have enough sleep again! :) I'm happy delirious now. *giggle* It helps that I had Arkora thought-dreams all night.

And more cute Chippage. I was telling him about Nasbert!fic ...

Mae: So Nazzy's bad at golf in this one.
Chip: Really? You know if he reads that he might find it libellous and get upset. Like he could be really good at golf!
Mae: Umm, if he reads it isn't that going to be the least of his worries?
Chip: Nope! He'll say, "Man, I can't believe she wrote that I suck at golf, I so do not! Now, me sucking Bertuzzi's dick, that's okay, but saying I'm bad at golf??? Now, that's going too far."

And Flan doesn't hate me after last night's game! *cheer*

Oh god, I'm still homeless in Hawaii. Maybe I'll camp out on the beach or something. Hmm, actually I just made a reservation. So we'll only be homeless in Hawaii for three nights! *cheer*

Frala!fic Soul on Fire was incredibly hot. *thud* Now am I just in denial if I claim I'm not into the BDSM thing, but I was really into that? Sort of like I'm attracted to women but I'm straight? *scratches head*
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