November 19th, 2002


To-Do List!

Hey, I've known about the LJ To-Do List feature for a while, and thought of using it to keep track of the fics I'm writing, with priorities and such. It's still in beta, so it's fairly crude, but I'm a programmer who appreciates only functionality anyway. ;)

Here's my to-do list.

And now I'm going to go collapse in bed.

Run every day. Yeah, right. *gigglesnort*
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Underage BDSM Bestiality

Was having dinner with Chip and Alex at an Italian restaurant last night, when I looked at the wall next to us and saw a tapestry of a little boy fucking a goat and beating it with a stick.

Okay maybe he wasn't actually fucking it, but he was bent over it with an inappropriate expression on his face (and the goat looked none too happy) and wielding a stick. Very, very odd.

Finally meeting Caat tonight for dinner! *cheer* And she's said she might bring ficcage! *imagines Steve Shields tied to a goalpost* *clears throat* Sorry, that image was entirely from my not-quite-awake mind.
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