November 15th, 2002


I don't need no steenkin' sleep

Well, up an hour earlier than I needed to again ... *groan*

Didn't meet Caat for dinner last night, she's succumbing to the flu. :( Rescheduled for Sunday.

Watched the Todd Bertuzzi music video *giggles insanely* they picked some really nice goals and hits, but about half-way through it, I yelled, "Where's my boy on boy action?" and Chip gave me a very upset look. Ha! You're the one who came up with "hunky" and "beefcake", buddy.

Sharks play the Lightning today. *falls over laughing then weeps* Battle of the Russian goalies, I think! Tic vs. Twitch, who will reign supreme?
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Chip's (Sort of) Slashy comment of the day

On the walk home, Chip turns to Alex and says, "You should get heels."

I'm starting to wonder if his offer to stalk Thorty with me wasn't purely altruistic.

Looks like Twitch beat Tic tonight. I'm not exactly surprised. *sniffle* Nice to see the lesbian scoring again, though. Thank God, too, the Ravenous bunny was showing signs of life. Okay, off to write! Whee!
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