November 9th, 2002


Mmm, slashy goodness

From a Mercury News article, October 28, 2002:
"We're still learning to play with each other," Marleau said of Selanne, but added he needs to "take it upon myself more."

Another issue is a groin injury that nearly kept Marleau out Oct. 21 against Vancouver.

Hmm, the lesbian is a top, is he now? And straining himself too much so he wants to try being a bottom?

Note to self: Must not slash the lesbian with Teemulanne.
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New layout!

Thanks to the unbelievably talented Neo for this layout!!! I'm so squeeful about this. Thornstrom!!!

Umm, I still have a few things to figure out and fix, but, umm this layout is just too cool not to put it up. :P

*hops excitedly*

Thank you thank you thank you again, Neo!!!
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