October 25th, 2002



Couldn't really sleep last night. Maybe I had too much caffeine yesterday. Feel like crap. *head thuds on keyboard*

In happier news, I believe that flanneryflyer is writing at this very moment!!! *hugs her*

13 (short) parts and 2 smuts to finish by Halloween. Can I do it? I think not.
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We won! 5-4 over the BJs. (Sorry Kris)

That was a heart attack of a game to just listen to - I can't imagine watching it.

Hmm, we're playing the Hawks next on Sunday. I shall be looking for the lovely SDQ (early_afternoon) on TV since she'll be at the game. Cheering for the Sharks. *grin* *hugs*

Yay for Vinnie and Teemulanne and Gravy! *pats nervous Miikka*
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