October 19th, 2002



Hmm, well tastelessness is about to ensue, as you can tell from the subject.

So tonight roomie Alex, Chip and I are having dinner in a nice, somewhat expensive restaurant. Alex launches into an impression of Bill Gates doing his rocking thing. (Apparently, Bill Gates has slight autistic tendencies) It's not uncommon for Alex to do this. Yes, we are a weird bunch.

So Alex, who keeps telling me slash is sick and wrong (but in a friendly way), suddenly bursts out, "Autistic slash!"

Chip decides that this is a wonderful idea, and adds, "Crip slash!"

He then furnishes an example - Christopher Reeve and Stephen Hawking.

They then proceed to discuss in great detail how it would take like eight hours to get anything done, etc etc. Roomie Alex then decides, possibly to try and link it back to hockey slash, that Vladdy (Konstantinov) should be slashed.

I think they have upset me far more than I have ever upset them.
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