October 4th, 2002


Spandex, tanned, muscles, gorgeous *thud*

I watched Shark Byte last night on Fox Sports, and it killed me dead.

Umm, yeah there was sexy bitch footage, and Harvey footage and Sharks!sexonice, but the part that really got me was where they followed Thorty on his bicycle trip from San Jose to Yosemite. Umm, okay, so bike trip ... meaning he was wearing spandex the entire time. *first death* Meaning gratuitous displaying of tans and muscles and tanned muscles and a tattoo on his left bicep peeking out from under his sleeve. And he was so incredibly gorgeous throughout. No trace of scary-homeless-guyness at all. Just completely gorgeous the entire time.

And you know what? I'm gonna ignore all the slashiness between him and his "friend" cos' that dude was icky. Actually, even better I'll just imagine that was Sunny, which makes no sense since he was in Sweden but when have I ever been too concerned with plausibility?
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