September 9th, 2002


Vision ... Blurring ...

I finished the first "pilot" I was planning to write. It's the Mikael Renberg one and I called it Cerulean Sky.

Basically I'm looking for a long series to write now that Iris is finished. I'm going to write fics that can stand on their own, but can also be continued. I'll keep writing the ones that don't suck. Markus Naslund pilot is next!
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Hockey lessons start today!

A quick post before I crawl back into bed ...

I start hockey lessons today! Alex said he would take lessons as well, but he might not now that he's, uhh, met someone. *grin* She spent the night here on Saturday, and I didn't really talk to her - just said hi, but she seems nice and she's pretty hot.

Hmm, maybe I'll make some Micke and Nazzy icons today ...
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Thorty 2

Stupid skating school

Damn it, the skating school signed me up for figure skating classes instead of beginner hockey classes. *growl* And I still have to go find out when the hockey classes are. I was so looking forward to this. *sniffle*

On a bright note, got the most amazing feedback from Tammy for Cerulean Sky. *starts sobbing uncontrollably* I love her!
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