September 7th, 2002


I wrote a college fic tag!

I finally understand tags, I think! I wrote my first college fic tag tonight. It's super short because I didn't want to screw up and throw it into the graveyard. It's fic!Mae's POV, riding on her Harley, thinking about fic!Tammy and other things. Here it is: Ride the Wind.
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Sleep is good ...

Good god, I'm awake. I can happily fall asleep while Chip is watching loud movies with people undergoing electro-shock therapy, but not when it's completely silent (after I wake up with 4 hours of sleep).

Oh, and there was a fight during a scrimmage at the Sharks rookie camp, which I found absolutely hilarious. From their web site:

In addition to the speed and hits seen in the first half, the second half was witness to a minor altercation n the final minutes of play between Rob Davidson and Yuri Moscevsky. The two traded punches before being separated by officials.

Go Sharks! *grin*
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