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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Chip got me an Ecosphere for Christmas! It's a closed ecosystem aquarium with a couple of tiny shrimp in it. :)

He got me the egg-shaped one in the lower right.

I really love it! The little shrimp are so cute, swimming all over the place, and I really like the idea of having a miniature ecosphere. I'm trying to figure out a good place to put it, somewhere I can see it easily, out of direct sunlight and somewhere not too warm.

We don't really pay attention to the exact dates when presents should be given, I've given Chip and Alex Christmas presents in March before. :P I think Chip wanted to wait to give it to me, but he was afraid that I'd stumble upon it in the office, or that all the shrimp would die, and it wouldn't make quite as good a present. ;)

It makes me very happy that you Canucks gang all got together and hung out and witnessed much Natuzzi love! *cheers* to all of you.

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I've seen those at Sharper Image! They're so cute, I want one too! :)

Who would have thought that shrimp could be cute? *giggle*

Those are adorable and oh so pretty.

...Who's Chip?

Chip is my ex. We work together too and we are still very close. :)

I have coveted these for a while..... but always feard that something would die. *laughs*

They are marvy however and I'm not so proud so say I'm just a wee bit jealous. :)

They're actually guaranteed for 6 months, and even after that you can send them back to be "recharged" if the shrimp die.

I love it! :D

That is phenomenal! Can you name them?

My first thought was to call the big one "Thorty" and the small one "Petr". :P

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