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49ers fail to blow it

Happy birthday, Vi. :)

The 49ers actually won a game yesterday! *shock and awe* Leading 28-3, they tried desperately to lose by allowing the Cardinals to tie it up, but had no choice but to kick the winning field goal in OT.
  • had squeeful moment when baby!QB threw his first touchdown pass to Brandon Lloyd, the cutie wide receiver I like.

  • baby!QB earned stamp of approval after the game when he talked about how he and his receiver were "really feeling each other" and that he had to "fit into a really tight hole"

The Golden State Warriors also managed not to lose! Other teams like to treat midget!Speedy like he's a pet or toy or something. I think he got his head rubbed last night and in another game a guy got called for a hold on him and decided to hug him from behind and pick him up. *squeaks*

I watched Thirteen and A Simple Plan last night.

Thirteen was very well-acted by the two main characters. The plot itself was kind of overwrought - the daughter is a grab bag of self-destructive behaviour, kind of like fake!world - but I like the way the movie captured how when kids are subjected to difficult circumstances that are out of their control, they just lose whatever it is that stops them from doing "bad things".

It's scary because I remember being like that and there's a lot I was willing to do because there was no reason not to. It just makes me think that the best thing a parent can do is to teach kids that they can be happy, that happiness is attainable, and that they have worth, and not to stress too much about trying to keep their kids out of trouble, because that's just a band-aid solution.

A Simple Plan was a similar kind of movie, in that the most arresting thing was the fucked up stuff that happened, but the more interesting thing to me was about people and their attitudes towards money. At the beginning of the movie, both Hank and his wife didn't feel that they needed the money that they found ($4.4 million, split three ways) desperately. They thought that they were doing all right. But later both of them changed their minds and suddenly they couldn't do without the money because in their minds it was like having the money and then losing it, and that was unbearable.

Hank's wife has this list of things of what their life is like without money: their daughter will have only hand-me-downs, they can only eat at restaurants for special occasions, and even then, they have to skip the appetizer and go home for dessert, their meals are the same thing over and over again, based on what's on sale at the supermarket, they'll both have to keep working at dead-end jobs they hate.

But their situation didn't change. This is how they were living before they found the money. And it was their desire for more more more without actually earning it that led to their downfall, so to speak.
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