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The Invincible M.A.E.

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49ers fail to blow it

Happy birthday, Vi. :)

The 49ers actually won a game yesterday! *shock and awe* Leading 28-3, they tried desperately to lose by allowing the Cardinals to tie it up, but had no choice but to kick the winning field goal in OT.
  • had squeeful moment when baby!QB threw his first touchdown pass to Brandon Lloyd, the cutie wide receiver I like.

  • baby!QB earned stamp of approval after the game when he talked about how he and his receiver were "really feeling each other" and that he had to "fit into a really tight hole"

The Golden State Warriors also managed not to lose! Other teams like to treat midget!Speedy like he's a pet or toy or something. I think he got his head rubbed last night and in another game a guy got called for a hold on him and decided to hug him from behind and pick him up. *squeaks*

I watched Thirteen and A Simple Plan last night.

Thirteen was very well-acted by the two main characters. The plot itself was kind of overwrought - the daughter is a grab bag of self-destructive behaviour, kind of like fake!world - but I like the way the movie captured how when kids are subjected to difficult circumstances that are out of their control, they just lose whatever it is that stops them from doing "bad things".

It's scary because I remember being like that and there's a lot I was willing to do because there was no reason not to. It just makes me think that the best thing a parent can do is to teach kids that they can be happy, that happiness is attainable, and that they have worth, and not to stress too much about trying to keep their kids out of trouble, because that's just a band-aid solution.

A Simple Plan was a similar kind of movie, in that the most arresting thing was the fucked up stuff that happened, but the more interesting thing to me was about people and their attitudes towards money. At the beginning of the movie, both Hank and his wife didn't feel that they needed the money that they found ($4.4 million, split three ways) desperately. They thought that they were doing all right. But later both of them changed their minds and suddenly they couldn't do without the money because in their minds it was like having the money and then losing it, and that was unbearable.

Hank's wife has this list of things of what their life is like without money: their daughter will have only hand-me-downs, they can only eat at restaurants for special occasions, and even then, they have to skip the appetizer and go home for dessert, their meals are the same thing over and over again, based on what's on sale at the supermarket, they'll both have to keep working at dead-end jobs they hate.

But their situation didn't change. This is how they were living before they found the money. And it was their desire for more more more without actually earning it that led to their downfall, so to speak.

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Thirteen was written by the hispanic looking girl who played the friend of the main character, Tracy. She was like 14 when she wrote it. It was pretty much based on her life experiences.

I really didn't care for it. It was pretty depressing to see these little girls do all this shit, you know. I mean I'm aware it happens, but it's still fucking disturbing. It makes me look back at my adolescence and wonder why I acted like such a fucking retard.

She co-wrote it with the director of the movie, which sounds more to me like that she just told the director what stuff she did. :P

The thing with the movie was that it didn't have a message. Nobody's going to learn anything from it; if you haven't already figured it out, the movie isn't going to help you figure it out.

Yeah... I just read that. Ha. She's also the daughter of some art director, too.

And I agree it is the parents job to teach their children what is right from wrong, but the child also has to make that decision to listen to them. I truly believe kids these days are scared of nothing. And parents are terrified to punish of them because of CPS or even what they might do back to them.

If Tatem ever pulls that shit, I will beat the holy shit out of her. If she calls CPS on me because of it. They can take her ass. I have no tolerance for that shit at all. Hopefully she'll grow up to be a decent, somewhat well behaved kid with respect for me and others. I mean kids will be kids, but you have to draw a line with some of the shit these parents allow their kids get away with.

It's not a matter of teaching right from wrong, necessarily. Like from society's viewpoint, my mom raised me really well in those respects, and even in the movie, the mom raised her daughter well, I think.

It's more about teaching kids that they're important and they matter, and then stuff follows from that.

Well I honestly don't think that makes a difference in every situation, because even someone from a happy, loving family can still have psychological problems. Someone from a happy, loving family can still be influenced by their peers and do wrong. And when I say a happy loving family... I mean someone who's supportive and caring. I mean there's not a "perfect" family anywhere, but there are still good people out there, who raise their children good.

That's true, but there's a difference between kids just doing stupid things which every kid does, and kids who grow up to keep doing stupid things because they don't have a reason not to.

Yeah it took me awhile, but I can see what you're saying.:)

I actually knew people who were like that growing up.

Hehe, I'm not good at expressing it.

I guess it's just from knowing people who had "good" upbringings, but made to feel badly about themselves and they never did stupid things as kids, but they grow up and have "good" careers but they do stupid things and lead unhappy lives.

And then there are people who had "poor" upbringings in terms of parents who left them to do whatever because of whatever circumstances, but they were actually loved, and they got into trouble as kids, but ultimately grew up okay.

(Deleted comment)
I remember watching 13 and by all the reviews expecting to be wowed by it and instead just being horrified by what these kids did for no apparent reason at all. And then at the end being well--thanks for wasting 2 hours of my life and showing me really awful shit. Sorta how I felt after watching Me Without You.

Oh, god, the plastic surgery and ears thing horrified me. I was about ready to puke 30 times. This has only a little bit to do with the actual movie but I was just watching tv and one of those marijuana ads came on and like..when I was a kid I was so certain that I'd never drink and I'd never do drugs. And now, if you offered me something, I'd probably say yes. Like I know all the awful things that could happen to you if you get addicted to drugs, but at the end of the day if somebody offered me something, I'd still take it. My teammates were horrified when they found out one night I'd mixed xanax and alcohol. And I remember being horrified when my teammate told me about this huge drug binge where she and another one of my friends started with alcohol and mushrooms and then ended the night with cocaine. Like I was so fucking horrified that she had done this, but like, had I been with her that night I probably would have done the same. Like that just blows my mind. There's no reason to do it, but like.. no reason not to? The illusion of control, maybe, but I don't know.

But just yeah. Disconcerting movie.

I didn't get that exactly, did they remove her ears and then sew them back on? Reminds me of "Reservoir Dogs". :P

The for-no-reason thing was the most interesting aspect of the movie, but I don't think it was intended. The problem with that movie was that it wasn't saying anything. It was just "Kids" with younger kids.

The things that worries me most about drugs is that there's no quality control so there could be a lot of random crap mixed in. But ultimately I prefer to get my high from other things. ;)

that is why I liked maria Full of Grace, she was a teenager who did dumb teenager things. She wasn't perfect and she didn't have all the answers. She was full of all the pride and hubris of teenagers. It's nice to see some honesty in the potrayal of teenagers. but you are right about thirteen being a bit over the top. I am sure it does happen, but most people survive their teen years just fine

I'm going to see that at some point I'm sure (which could be years from now), I've seen really good reviews of it. :)

It was just the combination of how every possible bad thing to get caught up in happened. That only happens in fake!world. *grin*

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