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He still loves him!

Ahh, I thought that Patty had forgotten all about Petr, but he still loves him enough to go to the frozen wastes of Magnitogorsk for him! *squeals to death*

Computer-translated Russian article:
Elias - in Magnitogorsk!

Today the contract with Magnitogorsk "Metallurgist" was signed by Czech forward Patrick Eliash. In 2000 it became the owner of the Cup Stanley in structure New-Jersey Devils together with Peter Sikoroj already playing "Metallurgist". In 2003 when New-Jersey Devils again has won the most prestigious transatlantic trophy, Patrick acted in his structure already without compatriot Sikory.

*sigh* Peter Sikoroj has been reunited with his buddy.

Or, as someone so eloquently expressed in the comments: Here it is news!!! Sykore the partner will come!!!
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