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Mae needs hockey... badly

Has anyone noticed that at least one of the incarnations of God on Joan of Arcadia is gay? You'd think that would be the kind of thing that would launch riots/protests/boycotts. :P

In the absence of NHL hockey, I've taken up watching other sports, like basketball and football. They are not as enjoyable (i.e., not as gay) as hockey. *sigh* But, I am now completely charmed by Brandon Lloyd. I mean, anyone who plays for the 49ers and can remain upbeat and smiley and feel fortunate the whole time is pretty fucking positive. ;) (Also, he's so geeky about football he reminds me of Spezza. Except black and without the ears.)

I really like the Golden State Warriors. *shamefaced* They remind me of the Sharks when they sucked. Except that a lot of them are black and they're a lot taller. But uhh, yeah, they remind me of the beginning 03-04 Sharks, where they tried really hard, but just couldn't get it done in the first 10 games, but then they figured out how to start winning (ugh, cliche) and stuff!

Television Without Pity generally has good, but opinionated, summaries of television episodes and I used to go there before I was converted to Bit Torrent to read about episodes I'd missed. frala, they do Joan of Arcadia. :)

I went over to Chip's place on Saturday night because he felt like cooking dinner, and he wanted people to eat. :P So it was us and Alex and his gf. Everyone got smashed on wine (except me) and Alex then his gf went to sleep and Chip drunkenly babbled to me until like 2.30 AM. He was saying a lot of nice things about me in front of Alex's gf and that was nice, because people are generally honest when they're drunk. ;) Cut out the physical and verbal intimacy part of things, and our relationship is basically the same as before we broke up, and it's not awkward and drama-free, but if I view it from an outsider's perspective, it seems kind of weird.

And then we looked at pictures of his late mother and cried together, and from any perspective, that's kind of weird. :P
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