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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Thank you, BitTorrent!

All those TV shows I lost when my TiVo died? I managed to download them all using BitTorrent! :D Much better than trolling newsgroups (I've yet to use BitTorrent for pr0n or music, but I'm sure it works just as well) or Kazaa, which I can never find anything on anymore, really.

I'm now reading all about it like a good little geek. I have seen the light!

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How'd you get BitTorrent to work? Did you pay for it?

It's free. I used the Azureus client, and I used Suprnova to search for shows. :)

YAY <3 I love BitTorrent, I use BitTornado because you can control the upload rate and how many people you upload to.

Since my dad always hog the TV, I end up downloading all my TV shows instead. ;x

Don't they all allow you to do that? I just leave it alone cos' cable modems have crappy upload speed anyway, heh heh.

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