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Hmm, looks like today is googlism day on LJ. :)

scott thornton is a real standout and a willing recipient of several gooey facials
niklas sundstrom is frightened by that woman's hair
That puckbunny in section 128? Fuck, I'm scared of it too
jason arnott is everyone's favourite whipping boy and it is wrong
petr sykora is now officially on the ir with that arnie flu and he's too worried about the useless olympics
Note, it's arnie's flu specifically
mikael renberg is ready to go
Me too
patrick marleau is right behind him
*grin* I thought he was a lesbian
marco sturm is there to knock it in
Fuck, yeah
bryan marchment is sitting in san jose right now figuring out which colorado player he can take out first
owen nolan is out
Is he? *cheers*

Hmm, Frala already did Natuzzi so I'm not doing them. *dies* I want to do them too!!! ;)

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