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The Invincible M.A.E.

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My life is meaningless without hockey

My roomies are both gone until Sunday! Woo, it's time for gangbangs galore!

I have mentioned that my life is meaningless without hockey in conversation to 1) my ex-roommate and 2) my roomie's sister, and both just kind of accepted my statement seriously. :P Actually, my roomie's sister is suffering too.

Alternate sports
Anyway, I've actually turned to other sports because of said lack of meaning, and I've found out that Bay Area sports teams blow! Which actually makes it kind of fun. Like the Hornets/Warriors basketball game last night was awesome! There's a certain fun in watching two inept teams play each other. *grin* It even went to three "thrilling" overtimes, where each team competed to see who could blow more chances to win the game. (The Hornets won, I mean, they lost.)

Plus, the Warriors have this short - meaning he's probably like 6'3" ;) - guy who seems kinda' clutch, and everyone loves the little guys with heart! :D

I have no such nice things to say about the 49ers. *shudder*

The Myth of Solid Ground
Just finished reading The Myth of Solid Ground by David L. Ulin, which is about "earthquakes, prediction, and the fault line between reason and faith". The emphasis is on California, being earthquake country and all, with some discussion of how Californians deal with living here. It's an interesting read for Californians, or anyone who wants to know more about earthquakes and how they're being studied and predicted (which is sort of a hairy thing--earthquakes are too complex to predict accurately or precisely) but I hesitate to recommend it to anyone else.

I came to the US in 1994, but I've only noticed two earthquakes since I've been here. Nothing too exciting, just glasses rattling on shelves, a tiny bit of shaking felt while sitting on my chair. The rest I've slept through or just failed to register. Apparently in big earthquakes there's a sense of timelessness as it's going on. That things are so surreal that there's no way to connect with the real world, so it exists out of space and out of time.

I think my favourite thing about the book was the idea that since earthquakes are the result of plate tectonics, forces that reshape the planet, that have been reshaping the planet since the beginning, that experiencing an earthquake is kind of like experiencing eternity (which is what that period of time might as well be compared to the timescale of human lives).

Frankly, though, the author irritated me at times. About half the time, maybe. :P He's one of those people who tries to find Meaning in everything, even in the most idiotic of mistakes or coincidences (Stress map of the area around a fault before an earthquake resembles a butterfly; ooh, the butterfly effect! he thinks excitedly), and he's kind of got his head in the clouds (or the ground, rather). Also, "avian arpeggios" is unnecessary as a phrase to replace birdsong. And it definitely shouldn't be used twice.

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In groin status news... My yoga class today was titled "Loosening the Groin".

Is your groin sufficiently loosened now?

(Deleted comment)
Their ineptitude is astounding. I basically know nothing about football, but it's really easy to tell that they suck. :P

I am ashamed to say that I dont miss hockey. I mean I do but I'd miss it more if it was on and I wasnt watching it (which is what would be happening if there was a season) then it just not being on. *shame*

Ditto. Well, now that the football season's over, there's a few increasing pangs, but yeah.

I'm really really good with denial and the fact that there is hockey mentioned and on tv everywhere I turn anyway... I dunno. Its weird... much different than the last one, maybe its all the exposure this time with so much more media accessable, I dunno.

And it's so much easier to keep track of other leagues. And there's also fandom and fic and all sorts of other things. See, I wasn't paying much attention to anything during the other lockout so I don't have anything to compare it with :p

I don't think about it a lot, but I'm kind of wandering about aimlessly without it. :P I get what you mean, though.

I think I am too good at denial for my own good ;)

I would just like to mention here that I have experienced an earthquake! Ha HA!

Also, "avian arpeggios" isn't even an accurate term, seeing as how arpeggios are a very specific type of scale and I highly doubt that birds, as a rule, sing in those types of scales. Dumbfuck author.

That's what happens when people think they're smarter than they are. :P

ahh stretching to hard for metaphor. It's like the first novel syndrome where people try to jam in every clever thought they have ever had. pare down people!

Have you read girls who bite back? it's about slayers and vampires and kick ass chicks. I have not read it, I need to know if it is any good. Maybe it can be my christmas present to myself

The sad thing is that this guy is a journalist who had steady gigs with an LA publication, I think. :(

I haven't even heard of it! It sounds cool!

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