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TiVo woes

Well, my TiVo has crapped out. They're shipping one out to me as part of their exchange policy, but I have to pay $49 (+ tax) for it because it's outside the 90-day warranty period.

Talking to customer service was kind of funny, the guy kept expressing his sympathy and telling me that he understood what I was going through because his TiVo had broken down too. It was like we were recovering alcoholics or something. I half-expected to be put through to grief counseling when they decided that the TiVo couldn't be saved. :P

There's no way for me to recover the programs I had saved on the TiVo. Correction: There is no official way to do this. I'm pretty certain that the hard disk is undamaged and that the programs are intact, it's just not cost-effective for them to do anything to copy them.

I am so tempted to get Beyond TV right now, there would be no monthly fee, I'd have lots of disk space, I could watch TV in a window while using the computer at the same time... hmm, maybe I can con someone into getting one for me for Christmas :P

But you know, what stops me is that the hardware for changing channels on digital cable is based on IR (as opposed to serial) and so is inherently flaky, and Center Ice would be on digital cable, which is the most important thing I'd be watching (if there wasn't a stupid lockout), so that would be unacceptable to me!

I miss hockey so much. *cries*

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