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The Invincible M.A.E.

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I'm back!

I'm back from Philly! Actually I came back three days ago. But I've kind of been cowering in fear from LJ and that's why I haven't updated.

I had such a great time there with flanneryflyer! It was really great to meet her in person after talking to her for over two years. (*gasp* Over two years!) We did a lot in the five days I was there (which I'll write about, uhh, "soon") but I still couldn't believe that it was time to go. Anyway, it's her turn to visit! *tags*

I have watched enough college hockey to have a favourite player. >.< (Danny Irmen, from Minnesota) Is the lockout over yet? *sigh*

Alex refers to Veterans' Day as the day for the guys who almost died for their country. He's sensitive like that. :)

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Welcome back! :)

I feel so rotten that I have not sent any feedback to you for The Right Thing; that's terrible (me, not the story). I hope to fix that this weekend.

There is no shame in having a favorite college hockey player. Heck, I've got two favs in the ahl!

Thank you!

Ahh, don't worry about it, if you liked it, I'm glad. :D

Fly new icon! *loves all over both of you*

I just typed "flu" a bunch of times. *does not wish the flu on you*

Hi Mae! *waves* I'm glad you had fun over here and it was really cool to meet you. :)

That is all.

Hi! It was really great meeting you too! Those were some fun games! :D

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