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Owen's too sexy for his fake!LJ?

Chip continues to amuse me greatly. He recently found out about the fake!LJ thing and was very disturbed by the whole concept. So, this morning I asked him which fake hockey player he would be. After a bit of pestering ...

Chip: Mike Ricci.
Mae: Mike Ricci? Why?
Chip: Well he seems like a fun guy.
Mae: Why not Owen Nolan? *giggle*
Chip: Oh, he's too sexy.
Mae: Why is that a problem?
Chip: Well it's hard to write a LJ for someone that sexy. You see, with Ricci, who resembles a scary homeless guy, he feels more real.
Mae: Couldn't you find some kind of compromise?
Chip: Patrick Roy!
Mae: That's not a compromise!
Chip: I could write incredibly strange and disturbing things! Like about his childhood and how other children would run away screaming from him.

Secretly I think he would have chosen Todd "Hunky" Bertuzzi but that one's already taken.
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