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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Cheese Sandwich, Mikael Renberg

I love Tom Chick and the library

Happy birthday, neomonki!!! CS icon for you. :)

"Hey!" I got out and went around. Should we shake hands or hug? I hadn't seen him in a long time, so I didn't really know what sort of greeting was appropriate. My arms went out to embrace him just as he thrust his hand forward to shake, so I put my hand down to take his, but them his arms were going out to embrace me. We ended up doing a weird flapping jig that turned into one of those confused handshakes with a half hug disguised as repeated back pats. The awkward hetero affection combo.

I just found out that Quarter To Three is being updated regularly again! (Which makes me feel less bummed about Gone Gold suddenly disappearing)

Even better, Tom Chick has written a few Shoot Club columns! *squeaks*

I've rediscovered the library in my old age. My roomie was watching a DVD one day that she'd borrowed from the library and I had no idea that the library even had DVDs. Anyway, I figured there were a bunch of books I'd wanted to read at some point that I could borrow from the library instead of buying since I almost always read things only once, and I found out that the San Francisco library is really nice!

You can have 50 things checked out at once, including up to 6 DVDs, and they have a really nice system where you can request stuff online and it gets sent to the branch of your choice. You can also return stuff at any branch, not just the one you borrowed from.

New and/or popular books and DVDs tend to have 3244702071560 holds on them, but I'm not in a rush to get them. I have more than enough games to play, TV shows and movies to watch and books to read right now and (being old, I guess?) I've never been the "gotta have it now" type. :)

Watched Mystery, Alaska (like Gladiator, but with hockey instead of gladiatorial battle) and Bend It Like Beckham (Jess and Jules are sogay).

I've been watching college hockey but it just makes my heart ache for NHL hockey.

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It's funny, I work like a block away from our public library and I so don't use it enough. I need to get better with that. It will help the budget.

Back to watching the West Wing. A great episode of Lost and now West Wing? Life is good.

Yeah, I've lived like 3 blocks away from a library for 3 years and never thought about joining at all. :P Can't beat free.

Ooh, that's right, new Lost tonight! :D


*props that book on her desk* I lub that book so much. It's been helping with this lock out. T_T

Thank you so much! ;_;

Aww! That would make me all sniffly I think. I've been looking at this big book with lots of photos about hockey dynasties. I figure I could do with some reading up on the history.

You're very welcome, I hope you had a great day. :D

I love Mystery Alaska! Hockey and Russell together, how could I not?! I will have to watch that again soon.

I have also re-discovered the library recently. I like the lovely audio books for to listen while I am 'working'.

Yeah, I'm not very good with listening to things otherwise I'd probably borrow those and rip to mp3 to listen. :)

I'm not sure if I should bring it up, but... that's Mikael Renberg, former Maple Leaf and Flyer.

AAAAAAAHHH NOOOOOOOOOOOOO! *gargles, scrubs eyes with bleach*


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