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Help, I've taken root!

I have the weakest fingernails ever. I just tore a fingernail opening a milk carton. Bet against me in a catfight, folks. Unless I bring the brass knuckles.

I was feeling so tired last night that I went to sleep at 11.30. Unfortunately, I woke up at 2 and couldn't get to sleep until 6 so I caught up on a bunch of TV that had been piling up on the TiVo.

I still really love Jack and Bobby, but the whole "aha! Wasn't this a big surprise you thought it would be this but it's that instead!" thing is getting kind of annoying and more and more preposterous. I mean, okay, in the first episode, there's a case to be made that either could have become president. So yes, it was a mild surprise that it was Bobby who became president, and that Courteney ended up marrying him, and in another episode, yes, it is kind of surprising that both Bobby and Jack became Republicans, given what a raving Democrat their mom is.

But now Bobby becomes a reverend despite being raised "secular humanist"? Come on! What's next? Jack becomes a nerd in college while Bobby is the Big Man On Campus! *gasp* Because it seems like they want to make the "surprise" a regular thing from episode to episode and it's already getting a bit ludicrous.

The first episode "surprise" was enough; no need to continue it. They've already got a compelling series with great plotlines that don't revolve around "ooh, will he ask me out to the prom?" and "let's sleep together even though there's absolutely no attraction between us because then it'll make the show all angsty!" and they don't need a gimmick that's going to fail sooner rather than later because they run out of things that 1) actually have enough gravity to make for a compelling twist or 2) don't stretch credibility.

I actually really like a lot of the new shows, much more so than last fall. The only one I've dropped so far is Hawaii (hahaha) and I kind of feel a little sad doing that because I love Michael Biehn. I might dump The Mountain too but there's this Finnish character who reminds me of hockey because he's Finnish and the daughter resembles Britney Spears in a disturbing manner. Plus, watching people ski and snowboard is fun--more fun and much cheaper than actually skiing myself! :D
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