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Nip/Tuck finale

Folks, that slash in Nip/Tuck is there for a reason.

Christian compares Sean to his wife in a sexual context. Not to mention Sean saying "I loved you the most" a few episodes ago. It's like the script was written by slashers. :P

OMG how could they kill Adrian? *weeps* I got all excited when he was picking out knives, thinking that he was going to kill Matt! Yes! No more Michael Jackson! But nooooooo they kill off the pretty hot kinda' gay kid. Bah.

I think the show may have assbabied itself unless miraculously someone shows up to save Christian from being mutilated (well, if it can be fixed, then it's not assbaby, and that seems plausible) and raped. Because then you run into that whole issue where he'll be all traumatized if they write it realistically, and will have months and months of counseling and recovery and...

Oh wait, the show is written by slash writers, so he'll sleep with Sean his one true love who will heal his pain and everything will be back to normal after one episode.
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