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The Invincible M.A.E.

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Rage against the machine

I've decided that from now on, I'm going to be a jackass.

Being nice only gets me hit on by freaks, so I figure at least I won't have to deal with all those people from now on. I blame my third sister. I was a mean kid, then she like, reformed me or something. Bah!

Being a jerk is good. Today some other stupid Chinese fucker called my phone asking for (couldn't understand) and then proceeded to ask if I'm Chinese a few times, leading me to scream in the pasta sauce aisle of Safeway, "WHY ARE YOU LOOKING FOR CHINESE PEOPLE?" Anyway, he kind of apologized sheepishly and I hung up on him. I was too tired to bother speaking Chinese, so maybe he thought that I wasn't and gave up or something.

Why is my number making its way up Northern California? It started with 707 area code, which is like, Santa Rosa, Napa, Sonoma, and this dude's is 530, which is uhh--basically I kind of see it as a source of food, gas and restrooms cos' I only ever pass by that way to go to Lake Tahoe. If someone else calls, I should just get increasingly hostile I think. So by the time the number reaches Seattle, the conversation will go something like:


I don't get why it's so exciting that I'm Chinese. I mean, at least 1.3 billion people are Chinese. Fuckers.

Another incident with the moral that being a jerk is good:
My hard disk crapped out a month or so ago, and Hitachi, which has taken over support for IBM hard drives, has this draconian return policy that requires you to ship your defective drive back to them in packaging that has a foam cutout in it. Putting the drive in an anti-static bag, wrapping it in bubble tape and putting it in a box with peanuts is unacceptable to them, even though that is the way that online retailers ship new drives to customers. This added $14 to the cost of having the drive returned, because that's what it cost to order their "approved packaging".

Anyway, I called Hitachi and complained bitterly and accused them of trying to dissuade people from using their warranty and pointed out that bubble wrap and peanuts is the standard shipping method for new drives, etc, because I was really outraged. The guy said he'd put a note that I was extremely dissatisfied, and I was okay with that. I didn't yell at him, cos' I know he's just some tech support schmuck, but I did use words like "ridiculous", "terrible", etc. Heh.

I got my new drive back, and the one I returned was 60 gigs, but the one they sent back was 90 gigs! I'm not sure if they did it because I bitched, but it seems unlikely to me that they wouldn't have any drives with capacities smaller than 90 gigs to return to me, even if they were out of the 60 gig ones, so it seems to be the case.

Yes, so I'm going to be a jackass from now on. :D

I feel vaguely weird writing this entry, because I basically told all of that to joolzie and I feel like I'm repeating myself, only not really, cos' I haven't said it to anyone else. But I'm now a jackass! So tough cookies, Joolzie!

(Ignore the cute pirate icon--I will replace it with a pissed off webcam picture!)

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I don't get why it's so exciting that I'm Chinese. I mean, at least 1.3 billion people are Chinese. Fuckers.

This made me crack up out loud at work. :) I think because it's the truth, and it's so obvious, but you had to state it anyway!

I have a keen grasp of the obvious. :)

Welcome to the Chump to Jerk movement.

Xiaojie, Qing wen ni shi Meiguoren ma? /end random Chinese phrase.

Hee hee you're being stalked!

Haha, did you get asked that a lot?

I am being stalked by not just one, but multiple FOB mainland Chinese! *shrieks*

I can be snarky but I have to much guilt to be mean, I wish I could be sometimes though! :D I really really do hehe

You just need to suppress the guilt and focus on the hate, LOL!

I DO! *grins* im working on it, being a chump sucks ass lol


*dies laughing* that made me cackle out loud. I love you Jackass!Mae

maybe somebody wrote your number down in a bathroom or something

I wonder... how do you call someone "All the way Mae" in Chinese and maintain the cute rhyme?

I had the same thought! By taking note of the area codes that call me, I can track this dude's journey across America!

I love you wife. *tickles you*

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