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Spezza! That's Spezza in the pilot episode of "The Mountain"! Did anyone see it? Didn't that ski lift operator guy who had about ten lines of dialogue look like Spezza? Down to the strange chin fuzz thing he has and that nose and... hmm, must check out the ears. Hmph. Conveniently, the guy has hair covering the top of his ears. Bah.

I'm playing this game that's like 5 years old called Anachronox, and it's a sci-fi RPG set in the future, and tonight I visited the red light district and there's this strip club called "Slutopia". Which is an excellent name for a strip club! Even if the strippers don't have four arms.

There were establishments *ahem* catering to various different alien races, and one of the races are these tiny creatures called Bipidris, that basically are kind of like the Doozers from Fraggle Rock. in that they're tiny, about six inches high? and are always constructing stuff. And as I was walking around, there were satisfied-looking Bipidris walking out of a tiny strip club and *trauma* And Bipidris doing lapdances for other alien races that are human-sized. *cries* Apparently Bipidri-human relations are frowned upon in the universe, and humans who have a thing for them are called "pidriphiles". Har! Oh, ugh. *trauma*

Oh yeah! Martian reminds me, "Veronica Mars" is good. The premise is that this girl's dad is a private detective, and she works for him part-time, doing surveillance and stuff, but there's also a big mystery that's hanging over their lives, her best friend was murdered and someone confessed, but there's doubt that he did it and not someone else. The only thing I don't like is that Veronica was raped at some point, and she was drugged so she was unconscious at the time it happened, but it still feels kind of icky, because Veronica doesn't seem to be very affected by it at all.

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